What Are The Significant Benefits Of Buying The Black Diamond Screen?

What Are The Significant Benefits Of Buying The Black Diamond Screen?

When planning the layout of a home theatre, the screen is often the last thing that is considered. When everything is said and done, researching electronics and the specifications linked with them is a much more intriguing activity than looking through examples of screen materials and frame designs. Screen selection is something most of us give little thought to other than in terms of size.

And what about the pursuit of beauty? In many movie theatre designs, the screen is concealed by curtains so that it is not seen until the film begins. Then there is the lighting to consider. Some people like to watch movies with the lights on. In addition, the lights will almost certainly need to be on if you plan on having other people around to watch sports with you. If you are planning to buy the black diamond screen, visit Alibaba.


  • Arrangement: Screen for Front Projection
  • Available Gains: 0.8, 1.4. 2.7
  • Custom sizes and aspect ratios up to 144 inches diagonally, 2.35 to 1, are among the available dimensions.
  • As observed: 1.4 Gain, 80 inches wide by 45 inches high (92 inches diagonally).
  • Half-Gain Angle: 550
  • Tongue-in-Groove (wall bracket supplied), 1.5" Stand-offs are used for the mounting system.
  • MSRP: USD 3,099 (92" Diagonal Size)
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Design and Setup

The screen is expected to arrive in pristine shape since the packing is pretty hefty and offers no indication that it will come in any other state than flawless. The device is made up of a solid panel approximately half an inch thick and has the material that makes up the screen firmly attached to it. The width of the bezel is barely a quarter of an inch, and it is made up of one continuous piece of metal with a crinkled black finish.

A metal bracket firmly bonded on and channeled for simple attachment can be found on the device's rear. It hung perfectly on the wall bracket. One important note: the channel may be located approximately a third of the way down from the top border of the screen. This indicates that you will need to lower your mounting point, which in my case, included moving it around 15 inches lower to position the screen at the same height.

After it has been mounted, the screen protrudes from the wall by about 1.5 inches, giving the impression that it is a large, high-end flat panel. The result is a highly arresting statement when taken along with the delicate bezel. The sensuality of this device is further heightened by the fact that the screen material is silver in color.

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge Screen

The fact that this screen has a Black Diamond projection surface is, of course, the primary justification for its employment. Because of the exceptional reflecting properties of this material, it is possible to maintain a projected picture even while the lights are on. It achieves this result by concentrating the image so that it is sent directly back at the observer rather than spreading light all around the room. By using this strategy, ambient light, which comes at the screen from various directions, is blocked off. The only light that reflects the spectator is the light that comes from the projector, directed directly at the screen.